WASP.inspector: Viewing relationship between scripts and tags

Website instrumentation relies on scripts and tags. Be it for web analytics, tracking ad network performance or embedding new functionalities on your site, snippets of JavaScript code or special image requests are added to your web pages.

Clicking on any node will reveal how it is linked to other scripts and tags.

Let's take a simple example: Google Analytics. We see the script google-analytics.com/ga.js is firing a tag which sends data to google-analytics.com/__utm.gif. Clicking on either nodes provides additional information in the sidebar.

Here's a more complex example using Google Tag Manager (note WASP works with ANY Tag Management System solution). We see gtm.js is embeding several other scripts for Universal Analytics, Double Click, Tynt, and firing a tag to Adobe SiteCatalyst (domain 2o7.net is the data collection server for this web analytics solution). 

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