WASP.crawler: Report Quick Start

  • If you are not familiar with Tableau, we strongly recommend you start with Tableau Training & Tutorials.
  • Under "Pages & Vendors", click on a specific Page to reveal which Vendors are used (or not), and the other way around, click on a Vendor to see which Pages are using it (or not).
  • Right-click on an entry and do "Exclude" or "Keep only" and see the other tables automagically updated!
  • Explore the other tabs to find relevant information about Meta Info such as cookies, SEO information, microdata. Look under Vendors to learn about the requests and where they happened, or explore Adobe Site-Catalyst sProps and eVars.
  • Exporting to Excel: if you still prefer Excel, click on a table header, then use the Worksheet/Export/Cross tab to Excel top menu item to retrieve the underlying data.
  • Tableau Desktop: note that we DO NOT provide any support for people opening the WASP report file with something other than Tableau Reader.

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