WASP.inspector: 3rd party tags blocking (known issue)

We have found an issue which causes WASP to fail when 3rd party cookies and/or site data are blocked in Google Chrome advanced configuration. We are still looking into a permanent fix for this.
In the mean time, you will need to create an Cookie exception for the WASP extension if you wish to continue blocking 3rd party cookies and/or site data.

To do this:  
  1. go to Settings
  2. Click "Show advanced settings..."
  3. Under Privacy, click the "Content Settings..." button
  4. Under Cookies click the "Manage exceptions..." button
  5. Enter the following Hostname pattern chrome-extension://niaoghengfohplclhbjnjheodgkejpih/ and make sure the Behavior is set to "allow".
  6. Hit enter, and click "Done" to save the exception.
Optionally, you can use the Hostname pattern chrome-extension://* to allow all extensions access to site data.

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